December 7th, 2017 – 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 p. m.
pktFestival, Ackermannshof, Basel (Switzerland)
Cooperation with Compagnie Bin°oculaire, Fathom String Trio, and Ensemble ö!

7 p. m. Jannik Giger: MAESTRO (2016) & Ioannis Mitsialis: Knast (2010)
8 p. m. Michael Meierhof: specific objects, 10:30min (2016) & Frédéric Pattar: Lichtspiel 1–3 (2016/17, UA)
9 p. m. François Sarhan: the world doesn’t exist & Hans Wüthrich: Strange Mental Fields (2015)
10 p. m. Katharina Rosenberger: if they bite with all their might (2016) & David Sontòn Caflisch: Fieber (2010/15)


January 12th, 2018
NUMU, Baden (Switzerland)
Works by Timothy McCormack, Michael Maierhof, Eoin Callery (European premiere), Jessica Marino (European premiere), Constantin Basica (European premiere), and Ivan Narranjo (European premiere




future projects

Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg (Germany)
New piece by Moritz Müllenbach and works by Alvin Lucier and Robert Ashley

New work by Oliver Weber

New work by Edu Haubensak

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