Robert Ashley: Mixed Blessings, Indiana (2012)
for french horn, cello and keyboard synthesizer
Listen to on Soundcloud

Constantin Basica: You Are My Happy Place (2017)
for three performers and GIFs
Video of world premiere

David Sontòn Caflisch: La métta da fein (2013)
for horn in f, violoncello and synthesizer
Listen to on Soundcloud

Eoin Callery: You Might Need A Word For That (2017)
for horn in f, violoncello and synthesizer

Carolyn Chen: Adagio (2009)
slow-motion face choreography to headphone listening of Bruckner’s Symphony No.7 for 3-4 people

Jannik Giger: MAESTRO (2016)
for horn in f, violoncello and electronics
Video of world premiere

Edu Haubensak: Acqua, Acqua (2018)
for horn, cello and piano with video
Watch video

Julie Herndon: You Can Only (2017)
for french horn, cello and synthesizer

Louis d’Heudieres: Laughter studies 3 (2016)
for three performers with audio-score

Alvin Lucier: Step, Slide and Sustain (2014)
for horn in f, cello and piano
LP recording of world premiere

Michael Maierhof: specific objects, 12 min. (2016)
for 3 players with motors on combined objects

Jessie Marino: descreet observations for your family’s peace of mind (2015–work in progress)
for 5-8 performers, video and live electronics

Timothy McCormack: Interfacing with the Surface (2013)
for horn, cello, MIDI keyboard and electronics
Listen to on Soundcloud

Barblina Meierhans: In Serie (2015/18)
version for horn, violoncello, and Klavier

Iván Naranjo: Mineral (2017)
for Retro Disco

Karen Power: …let the current take us… (2019)
for Retro Disco

Katharina Rosenberger: if they bite with all their might (2016)
for horn, korg MS-20 mini, violoncello, with spoken text and 18 live activated light bulbs
Video of world premiere

Charlie Sdraulig: we’ve never been so close (2016-17)
for solo voice and electronics